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Bali Drone Production is THE company you have to contact if you want to get a good photographer or videographer. They work on different project for real estate promotion (as you can see on our website, it is them who made the photos), wedding, advertising, special event and much more. Please contact Arnaud from us, I am sure he will be happy to discuss with you and give the best price. They do also drone rental and of course, you can hire a talented pilot if you want.


Amed Buddha Diving, our partner, will spend one morning with you from 8.00 am to 12.00 teaching you how to dive and enjoy the magnificent underwater world. After this new exciting experience, you will receive as present a video and photos from you and your partner. We know that you will enjoy and we hope that you will share your video on social medias so we get some new customers. Thank you in advance.

Msdi est leader dans les services de drones pour l’industrie. Ils fournissent des pilotes professionnels et du matériel haut de gamme en Indonésie. Les principales activités de MSDI sont la fourniture de solutions de drones pour l’industrie et la topographie en Indonésie comme la cartographie Drone 3D, les cartes 3D de haute précision pour les projets immobiliers ou de génie civil, l’enquête par Lidar, la gestion forestière, l’exploitation minière, le modèle 3D, l’archéologie, les inspections des actifs pour le pétrole. et GAZ.