Philippe and Dominique are both painters, divers, in love with Bali where they have lived for several years. Together, they built this refuge in the nature where they will be happy to invite you to share their experience of Bali, its culture, its painting and also the diving which is spectacular here. Let me introduce myself, my name is Philippe, I am French and I have been working in the hospitality sector for 40 years. I arrived in Bali 10 years ago as a diving instructor looking for a new adventure. I started diving at the age of 8 with my father and when I left France almost 30 years ago, my hobby of diving became a profession that allowed me to explore the beautiful underwater world all over the world until the last destination which was Bali. Since my arrival, I immediately knew that Bali would be my new home. I firmly believe that I did not find Bali but that Bali found me. it was only after having met my Love Dominique that my destiny changed. Together we have built our little paradise called Villa Perancis, where we invite our clients to discover this beautiful environment and to share our passions for diving and painting. Let me introduce you to my better half, Dominique who I met here in Bali when she came on a diving trip. After living in France, raising her children and thriving in their education, assisting and supporting her husband to develop their activity in the insurance sector, life directed Dominique to Bali for a week's vacation during which we met and the magic happened. Dominique later moved to Bali and we both started this new page in our lives. Dominique is a talented painter, she found her passion for portrait painting by looking at the local community. Together, we would like to invite you to experience this beautiful journey with us.